5 Bad Habits of Article Marketing

There are many ways to advertise your company, but having a highly ranked website is the best. It is not enough to just advertise your site. You have to get links to your site using specific keywords that best describe your business. Some of the most successful Atlanta SEO companies use article marketing to achieve that goal. There are many content mills and copywriters that can help you with your articles but you have to watch for these common mistakes.

  1. Bad Copy – Georgia Search Engine Marketing is concerned with getting the search spiders to pick up on specific keywords and drive traffic to your site. So, many article writers will write substandard content because they do not think that real people will be reading it. If you really want your Atlanta SEO campaign to be a success then write content that will appeal to people as well as the search engines. It may cost a little more for quality content but you will get more traffic as a result.
  2. Too many keywords – There was a time that keyword stuffing was the main tactic used for Georgia Search Engine Marketing. A lot of sites would hide keywords in the white spaces or fill up an article with keywords that were either repeated too often or had nothing to do with the topic at hand. They did that to fool search engines into sending traffic, but now Google and other large search engines penalize sites for that. For successful Atlanta SEO you need to keep your total keywords under 5% of the total word count.
  3. Unoriginal copy – Never retread old content. That doesn’t meant that you cannot put a new spin on an old article but you need to reword it so that it cannot be mistaken for duplicate content. It will hurt your Atlanta SEO campaign because the search engines look for and penalize duplicate content.
  4. Stolen copy – Plagiarism is always a problem and can get you into a lot of trouble. There is a chance that the original writer will find it and if you are lucky they will only ask you to take it down, but it can sometimes lead to a lawsuit. Also, a lot of hacks will copy parts of .pdf or ebooks to sell them to article mills. Any Atlanta SEO company that you hire to help you should have measures in place to screen out any stolen article content.
  5. Wrong keywords – You need to be aware of what you want to be known for. If you are selling china dolls then “china dolls” should be the phrase that you use the most in your article. You may want to tailor it to a specific geographic location to help get local traffic though.
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