Advantages of Having a Blog on your Website

There are many business advantages of blogging on your website that can, and will, improve how many people are driven to your website. Here are just a few reasons why you should have a regularly updated blog on your website.

Blogs keep your website fresh

In today’s culture, we are bombarded with media and branding. There are advertisements on every web page you click on. Your business needs a website that is kept fresh and current. With an updated website you will always stay “in the game” with other companies that are continuing to feed the web with new content. Adding new content to your business site is easy with a blog.

Blogs are a low cost marketing tool

Marketing is important for your business to grow. If people don’t know your business exists, how can you sell to them? Blogs can showcase your products (look at our next point) or your company’s thoughts and ideas, giving people a personable feeling when coming to your website.

Blogs give your products more exposure

With your added and updated blog, you have the opportunity to showcase what you are offering your customers. You can show your new products as well. Giving people an “in” on how your products work and what to expect from them.

Give your business a branding “personality”

Like mentioned in the low cost marketing, blogging gives your business a personality, making it less about making a sale, and more about being more personal and friendly to your prospective customer. If they think you are only out to get in their wallets, They might not be willing to give you the time of day. Establishing a relationship with them by showing them what you are truly about can fix this unwanted problem.

Preemptive Q & A

Do you often get inquiries to your business that could be easily answered by utilizing your website better? This is another great business advantage of blogging. Introducing blogging to your website can keep your customers in the know. Preemptively answering any questions or doubts someone might have will keep them from leaving your site due to the unknown. They will have all the information needed to make the correct decision without having any doubt in this process. If they aren’t completely sure about your product, but are with your competitor, you just lost business.

Establishing your business as experts

Writing a blog giving people information on “how to” or just regular maintenance pertaining to your products can easily establish you as an expert in the field, and everyone enjoys having an expert on their side. Knowing you have the experience and knowhow can quickly tip the scales in your favor when a potential customer is looking to make a purchase. They will feel more relaxed knowing your business is going to provide them with all necessary information and help they want or need. This also helps build your network. An automotive store is a great example of this. Would you be equally as willing to tackle a car problem without the help of the technician you just bought your car part from? Most likely, no.

Search engine optimization

The SEO benefits of blogs are phenomenal. Google looks for keywords in your site to assist people in their searches. The more content and information you have about your specific field is pertinent to getting your website noticed by more people. The more people see your site, the more chance for networking, sales, referrals… the list goes on and on. With how fierce competition is on the internet today, SEO is one, if not THE, most important business advantages. The SEO benefits of blogs helps to cultivate most other advantages you are looking for. While the others generally help to push your potential customer in the path of buying, SEO actually provides the traffic needed to give you that exact opportunity.

Business advantages of blogging are endless. They can truly help get your business recognized instead of overlooked. SEO benefits of blogs are unmatched. The reason for having a website is to showcase your hard work. Without SEO you could be showcasing to a slim crowd. Make sure you blog, growth depends on it.

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