Is Your Website ClickReady?

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Is Your Website ClickReady?

This is a question that may seem a bit odd, but it’s a very good point to ponder. If your business has consumers searching on the internet for products and or services that you wish to sell or provide then you may be missing countless opportunities. Many businesses simple hire a web designer to build a very pretty site. These sites are usually appealing and do a fair job of telling a site visitor what you are all about. However, the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not have a clue about what you are trying to promote. Why is this?

First, most of the time web designers do not write content on the site and it is usually left up to someone at the business whose website is being built to provide all the copy. However, this usually ends up not being keyword constructed; not just in site layout, as far as navigations are concerned, but also from the written content on the pages as well. This makes it difficult for search engines to determine if you are indeed relevant for their user’s search criteria. Thus not having a properly engineered and keyword designed website ends up having your competitors ranking above them for terms that may offer significant opportunities for sales opportunities.

Is Your Website

No matter the size of your business, we have the tools and services to attract traffic and help it grow!

So what does a business do?

The good news is that the staff here at ClickReady knows how to get your site seen for terms that people search for. This provides our clients for the chance to capture high value leads that often lead to increased sales and business development. Our service is based around search engine optimization that involves a hands on and targeted approach. We also do much of our work offsite to uncover opportunities to push potential customers your way.

Our slogan is Ready – Click – Grow! We get your site in a position for keyword rankings to be readily found. Then prospects click on your meta descriptions and land on a specific page within your site. Next many of them will contact you to buy or inquire more about your services. It sounds simple but our techniques involve hard work and a lot of keyword loaded content. Our efforts will help your business grow while keeping your competitors in check.

We have offices in Dawsonville, GA and Hilton Head, SC. Our Search Engine Specialists can visit your location in person to discuss and explain what we may or may not be able to achieve for your business type. We can get any business in the game as far as rankings are concerned. However if your product or service is not searched on the internet; we cannot increase demand. But if people are trying to find what you sale, you better believe we will help you compete and win.

Email us at and we will email a free ebook with a few sought after trade secrets. If you wish include your website address then we will send you a free site evaluation. So if you wish to get “Ready-Click-Grow”, it all starts with one email.

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