Digital Security – Why is it so important?

digital securityBusinesses, particularly small businesses are the latest primary targets for cyberattacks.  Cybercriminals are typically looking for customer contact information, which includes emails, credit cards, valuable intellectual or proprietary information or health data. That makes any company with such data a potential target, regardless of its size. The importance of security is hard to overstate. But just as you would want to take every precaution to ensure the security of your home, digital security is equally important.  Below are a few tips from Business News Daily on practical steps to maintaining digital security in your business:

Keep personal Web browsing at home:  Your lunch hour may seem like a great time to catch up online with friends and family, but your casual Web browsing can introduce all sorts of problems into the company equipment.

“Viruses run rampant through social network posts, so stick to your own computers for personal information,” Brandon Saumier, a Virginia-based IT specialist, said in a 2013 Business News Daily interview.

Always use secure connections:   Although the convenience of being able to connect with the company network through Wi-Fi hotspots, cloud computing and mobile devices is so tempting, public internet connections are anything but secure.  A better alternative is to use collaboration and Web-conferencing technology that works only over secure connections such as a virtual private network (VPN).

Require passwords for everything:  Passwords should be used for more than just the company email server — use them wherever confidential data is accessed, such as when you’re sharing documents during Web-conferencing sessions. Consider investing in password management software, which requires employees to remember only one password, but still automatically generates strong passwords and changes them every 30 to 60 days.

Always lock your computer screen:  Leaving your computer unlocked could be asking for trouble.  According to Michael, Fimin, CEO of Netwrix Corp, “Leaving your computer unlocked is like leaving your Social Security card or driver’s license on your desk when you go to lunch.”

Teach and enforce your security policy:  For a security policy of any type to work, it must be managed.  Employees should understand the repercussions of violating security policy, including the tools and processes that have been put in place to protect company assets.  This is especially true of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. In a blog post on NowSecure, author Erica Lucas suggested two methods for enforcing your policies.  First, have the employee sign the terms of a BYOD after teaching them the details of the policy as well as some best mobile security practices. Secondly, monitor the access to your networks to ensure compliance.

Home Security is highly important in today’s world. Many of us use a home security monitoring service to provide protection and security for our loved ones and possessions. In our new technological age, we must be aware of cyber security threats as well. Safe guarding your home and identity information are both becoming high priorities. If you have a website software monitoring such as 24X7 is becoming a necessity. Callaway Security an Atlanta Security service has a great blog article about protecting your identity . In retrospect, it pays to take preventive action both at home and with our online security.

By instituting best practices for computer security, you can build better awareness among employees. This protects not only your data, but that of your customers and clients, building trust and enhancing working relationships.

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