5 Reasons To Hire A SEO Consultant

So, you’re looking to boost your website’s ranking in search engines, secure more traffic and greatly increase your overall presence on the web? If you think you shouldn’t hire a SEO Consultant before undertaking this operation or you believe that it’s just an unnecessary fee, you better think twice!

SEO Consultants exist for a reason. Search Engine Optimization is one of those rare skills that the foundation of knowledge is simple to grasp, but mastery is something that takes years of experience and implementation.

It’s something all too common to be fooled into believing that it is something one person can do with a basic understanding, but to truly see results without penalizing your website (or worse) then you should seriously consider hiring a professional.

1. They Know More About SEO Than You

Your initial research into the vast realm of knowledge known as “SEO” is a great start. We encourage you to continue your education and learn more about Search Engine Optimization and the best online marketing practices, techniques, and general information. But unless you’ve worked the last few years or more to better understand the finer points of SEO, you should still hire an expert to steer you into the right direction.

A proper SEO Consultant has worked years to earn the knowledge necessary to use their title. It separates the lines between amateur and professional – as well as the lines between success and failure.

2. They Have All The Necessary Tools

It’s true that when you visit an experienced automotive expert or woodworking professional, they’ll have a wide arrange of tools necessary to their craft. If you one day decide you want to rebuild a vintage 1964 Volkswagen Beetle, you’ll find that there are a lot of tools you’ll need beforehand. This can be expensive, and this isn’t to mention the time it will take to learn how to use them properly.

So instead of purchasing all the tools yourself, learning the skills required to rebuild your  precious 1964 Beetle and spending all the time in between, why not just hire an expert from the start? It’ll likely be cheaper, more efficient and honestly less of a headache in the long run.

SEO Consultants are no different in this matter. Though their trade is different, their tools online and digitized, and instead of a vintage Beetle you’re looking to restore the beauty to your website – all the same principles still apply.

They know what it takes to get your website ranked and the tools needed to make the job quick, clean and of higher quality.

3. You’ll Avoid Getting Penalized

SEO Consultants will be able to “optimize your optimizations” and instruct you on the proper practices so you can avoid major pitfalls that beginners may end up falling into. For instance, Google has recently released a new algorithm called Penguin 2.0 that focuses on penalizing WebSpam.

If you’ve studied your basics, then you know that building links is a great way to earn your top rank through search engines. But did you know that if you build links too quickly, either through the misinformed purchase of link-building services or through creating a lot of quick poorly relevant links around the web yourself, Penguin will crack down on you – hard.

Though you might gain temporary rankings, it will hurt your website in the near future. And that penalty will remain until you’re able to remove any and all spammy backlinks. Which takes a lot of time, effort and unnecessary swearing.

4. You’ll See Better Results Faster

Though this has already been mentioned several times in the previous three points, it’s still something worth expanding upon. If you don’t take the time to learn what you really need to make happen, then all your efforts may very well end up in vain. Maybe you weren’t invested enough to learn the right steps or you simply didn’t have to the time to pursue the proper education, either way it’ll break your heart after all your effort to see your website float around in obscurity 3 or more pages down in the search results.

SEO Consultants know what needs to be done, and they’ll do it efficiently. Search Engine Optimization done the right way may take time, but you can be certain to see better results sooner when guided by an experienced hand. Speaking of saving time…

5. You’ll Have A Lot More Free Time

Let’s face it, your website is ultimately a means to an end. You may not even be excited to have a website in the first place, but understand that in today’s age of information and competitive economy it’s as necessary as your marketing department. You don’t have the time to spend every day learning about SEO and how to make your website stand out amongst the sea of other, similar websites out there.

You need free time to focus on your business, which is the reason why this website is important in the first place. Don’t waste that time in vain trying to optimize your website yourself, hire a professional.

Sure, you may be able to get results yourself without spending money on hiring a SEO Consultant. But honestly, you will likely be saving money in the end. SEO offers a ROI (return on investment) that not many other avenues of marketing can challenge, so if the job is done right you’ll see an increase in sales that will more than cover the initial costs of your SEO Consultant.


If you’re looking to boost your websites rankings, don’t waste your precious time and money learning advanced SEO yourself. You certainly should, however, learn the basics and develop a foundation of knowledge to better work with a proper SEO Consultant.

It’ll likely save you money and time in the end.

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