Get More Traffic by Choosing the Right Keywords

Get More Traffic With The Right Keywords

You already know that keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO strategy. The right keywords can get you noticed by search engines and ranked higher in search results. They should drive your content strategy and inform your site content. But do keywords have a direct correlation to traffic?

At ClickReady, we know they do. Data-driven keyword strategies bring more visitors to our clients’ websites, plain and simple. Here’s how you can make keywords work for your bottom line.

Optimize Content for Keywords

Optimization sounds simple, but it’s anything but! Optimizing your content for keywords involves a multitude of factors including sufficient keyword research, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, keyword density, and more. Professional digital marketers know that keywords have to be used in very specific ways within content in order to serve as effective search engine signals.

Step One: Consider the Competition

Keyword research is likely to turn up hundreds of keywords that are relevant to your business. Some are “higher volume” than others. It’s here you need to make a choice: should you go after the high-volume keywords and face tons of competition or focus on long-tail keywords that bring in fewer visitors but encourage higher conversion rates?

Step Two: Evaluate the Keyword Landscape

It’s easy to overestimate your website’s ability to rank for super high-volume keywords. When competition is stiff, you’ll likely be competing with global, established brands that have tens of thousands of marketing dollars to throw at content and paid ads each month. Can your business compete with that? If your instinct says no, it might be time to dig deeper into longer-tail keywords at first. However; it would also be smart to have a plan to go after some of the high volume words down the road.

Step Three: Long-tail Keyword Strategy

The trick to bringing in volume using long-tail keywords is twofold: focusing on the mid-level long-tail keywords and consistently putting out keyword-rich content. Some long-tail keywords get one search a month. That’s not enough to bring in volume! Consider the terms that bring in 30, 100, or even 500 searches a month, depending on the search volume within your industry as a whole. Hitting these keywords hard can bring in significant volume and higher-quality visitors to your site. Be sure you’re willing to dedicate the resources to consistently creating content like blogs and landing pages that focus on these keywords.

Step Four: Constantly Reevaluate

As a general rule, the longer-tail the keyword, the easier it is to rank for it. If the initial set of keywords you’re trying to rank for doesn’t bring in more volume after a couple of months, hit some of the keywords lower down the list. Ideally, you’ll find the perfect balance between which keywords bring in volume and which you can accessibly rank for. A lower-volume keyword that brings in better-qualified leads is better than a high-volume keyword that gets you rankings but no clicks.

Is your keyword strategy bringing in enough volume? ClickReady Marketing offers results. Our SEO services are based around data, strategy, and improving your ROI.

How can we help you come up with a digital marketing plan that helps you meet your business goals? Give our team a call today to get started with a customized plan that works for you.

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