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Let’s grow your business with a customized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign. PPC ads are the fastest way to promote user engagement and drive brand awareness on search engines. At ClickReady Marketing, we are experts in PPC Management – helping hundreds of businesses across the country take advantage of the latest tools & technology in Google Adwords and Social Media Ads. Our team of Adwords Certified Professionals can take your business to the next level, helping you manage your investment in paid search ads and optimize your budget as efficiently as possible.

10 Best PPC CompaniesClickReady Marketing has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Best PPC Management Companies of 2017 by For the past 3 years, ClickReady Marketing has been ranked in the annual list of 10 Best PPC Firms in the country, giving us a powerful distinction as one of the most trusted names in the industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and positive results has helped our team gain a national reputation in PPC management.

Promoting National Reach

As a national brand, you might be selling products or services across the US or to a variety of cities in your region. Logistically, national PPC campaigns can be more a challenge to find the right audience and manage your budget across a large geographic area. When you team up with ClickReady Marketing, we make it easy. Our team identifies where and how your budget is spent most effectively and we take a long-term approach to boost your ROI.

Build a new campaign or start one from scratch.

Already have an existing Adwords campaign? Want to start a brand new one? Whether you’re looking for minor tweaks or a fresh start, our team will customize your paid search strategy based on your unique market needs.

  • Advanced keyword analytics: We use the latest online tools to find keywords that will get you more clicks and more conversions
  • Negative keywords: Is your campaign losing money on search terms that don’t convert? We’ll maximize efficiency by getting rid of the fluff.

Optimizing your click-through rate.

When it comes to ad performance, we want to increase your campaign’s click-through rate (CTR) to attract more qualified leads and sales opportunities. We examine your campaign from the ground up to understand how text/ad structure affects user engagement and quality score.

  • Ad extensions: To boost ad visibility, we need your ads to take up as much online real estate as possible. We add custom ad extensions to improve CTR.
  • Audience targeting: Some cities or regions will have a higher conversion rate than others. We will analyze and test different audience targeting options.

Monitoring the results.

Our PPC success depends on constant collaboration with our clients. During the initial setup phase of your Adwords campaign, we’ll provide weekly updates or meetings to review the results. After that, we’ll provide in-depth reporting to make sure you’re getting the biggest ROI.

  • Call Tracking: We use a custom Javascript plugin to monitor how many calls you get from your PPC campaign.
  • Wordstream Optimization: Using the latest automated software, our team will use high-tech analytics to improve your campaign.

Be sure to check out the ClickReady Marketing PPC services for Local, National, and Ecommerce.

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