Discover the Power of Well-Written Content

These days, trying to earn visibility online demands crafting a successful content strategy. Great web page content ignites a fuse that causes interest in your business to skyrocket. Without a stock of quality, fresh content, your site earns less hits from search engines, less shares from active online users and less clicks overall when people are comparing your site to competitors’.

For these reasons, curating amazing, fascinating content for your site has quickly become a survival strategy. Even businesses that have no intention of offering online services must use content in order to help customers find them where they search the most: online. So come to grips with this reality, and start feeding the hunger of online users who desperately want content worth sinking their teeth into.

Here are the benefits you earn when you start to bring rich, meaty content to the online table:

Better Search Engine Visibility

Does your brand ever feel invisible? That feeling might be literally true when it comes to online search engine users. Our information-hungry society almost always takes to the web to find out answers to the questions they seek. If what they want is something your business offers, such as “plumbing repairs in Snellville,” being left out of the search engine results when they look for that phrase is akin to your business not existing at all.

In local markets, Google searches usually start the process for people to find services and businesses in their area. The company’s research shows that 50 percent of smartphone search users will end up calling or visiting a business after their search, and 34 percent of computer and tablet users will do the same.

These statistics reveal what a powerful tool online visibility can be. With the way Google’s search indexing works, well-written content helps boost businesses’ visibility. Using search terms like “plumbing repairs in Snellville” or “SEO services in Atlanta” subtly throughout your writing increases the odds that Google will use your page when someone searches those terms. Poor-written content and keyword spamming has the opposite effect.

A Persona of Trust

In addition to serving the practical purpose of encouraging Google to rank you higher for business-earning search terms, crafting engaging content serves a more immediate purpose of informing people on the hunt for information.

Sometimes, someone will be searching for something related to your business without having the intention to directly buy your services. For instance, someone in Snellville may have a plumbing clog, so they will search “how to unclog drains.” A well-written and expertly optimized page for a local business can answer how to unclog drains. At the end of the helpful post, the plumber can suggest that if the problem is really bad the reader might want to call them. Even if the reader does not call that business immediately, they may think of them the first time they have another question or have a problem that definitely needs a professional.

In this example, one piece of great, informative content has helped build trust in a business and earned them a reputation for being knowledgeable and helpful. Businesses that can successfully create a trustworthy online brand like this will earn more customers through word-of-mouth referrals and loyal readers.

Even better, some of their content might get shared through email or on social media like Facebook, so now all of that customer’s friends will know that your business creates useful and interesting content, boosting your reputation even more.

As you can see, creating well-written content has become a cornerstone of an effective online strategy, especially in local markets. Unfortunately, not every business has the time or even the urge to write blog posts online. Lucky for them, ClickReady Marketing is here to the rescue. Our qualified writers know how to churn out content quickly that pleases both Google’s robots and online search users.

Earn yourself a better presence online and a reputation that generates more customers than you imagined with a robust content strategy. Click here to find out more.

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