Is Your Site Prepared Like A Trade Show?

prepared websites Whether you are updating your website or participating in an Atlanta trade show, there are certain requirements you must meet to succeed. Remodeling a website, like preparing for a trade show will take time, research, and attention to detail. Make sure your website incorporates basic SEO and digital marketing concepts similar to ideas used during trade shows.

Your website should be the following things:

  1. Personable

A personable table at a trade show means that the individuals are easy to approach and talk to. These people are friendly and love to chat. In addition, they are transparent with others, being honest when asked specific questions. A great way to be personable at a trade show and on your website is to build a “trust” factor. If others feel they can trust you and your business, you will win their loyalty. A great way to build trust on your company’s site is to publish customer reviews or testimonials and a list of your certifications. Letting your viewers see what others say about your business adds a personal touch and makes your site more trustworthy and approachable.

  1. Prepared

It is very important to be prepared when attending a trade show. A prepared trade show booth includes a knowledgeable worker who arrives early and stays from start to finish with necessary materials, such as informational brochures and handouts. In addition, they will know how to attract potential prospects to their table.

The same goes for website designing. Your site should be prepared to work at all times of the day and answer the questions your customers are asking. This means providing information that is easy to find, possibly on a Frequently Asked Questions page or with monthly blogs. Publishing blogs each month that answer relevant, trending topics related to your business will direct users to your site.

  1. Adjustable & Responsive

Trade show table sizes are not always the same. Sometimes you have to change your usual booth design to make everything fit within your allotted space. Your booth must be adjustable and flexible, just like your website should be. Having a responsive site is imperative in today’s society. Your website should be able to work on different sized mobile, tablet, and desktop devices as well as work with different internet browsers.

  1. Social Media-Minded

Social media is a great way for B2C companies to keep potential customers engaged and informed about what you are doing. A successful trade show booth will encourage attendees to follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or more. Your website should also do the same, with social icons on your home and most important pages. Using social media will give your website a personal touch and can be used to gain future business leads.

  1. Metric-Driven

How do you know if your trade show booth was successful? You track and measure results. It’s important to either have a computer or a sheet of paper where interested visitors can enter their information. You should track the number of visitors from each trade show and try to increase these numbers in the future. Your company’s site should be metric-driven, as well. Without using some type of conversion tracking or Google Analytics, you won’t be able to track and improve the progress of your site.

  1. Professional

Most importantly, your trade show booth should look professional. When you are surrounded by hundreds of competitors, your company’s booth must stand out. A great way to look professional is to use table skirting or a pipe and drape booth. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these booth accessories are sure to help you stand out and attract trade show attendees. A professional website, instead will have no duplicate content, misspellings, or broken links. Successful websites are appealing to consumers while also easy for SEO bots to navigate.

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