Review Me Closes has abruptly stop taking new orders today. ReviewMe is owned now owned by Media Whiz who also owns Text Link Ads. A few months ago Google targeted Text Link Ads in an Closed for Businessaggressive move in which they lowered the page rank for their partner sites that allowed advertisers to place a link for pay on their site. One can learn more about this on Search Engine Land by following this link:  This move by Google scared both bloggers and advertisers away from these platforms.  Google has been attempting to crack down on paid link building which is in essence what ReviewMe and Text Link Ads offers.

SEO and web developers that  still have been using Review Me services for link building purposes are “tweeting” today that Review Me has closed the operation permanently. The site is still active but their phone number (646)-442-1572 is no longer in service. However it is confirmed they are not taking any new orders. Calls placed to Media Whiz today have also reportedly not been answered by individuals worried that credits and content they have paid for in advance to r=ReviewMe may have been lost.

I personally called their Text Links Ads division and a person in sales expresses that he does not think they will re-open this division of Media Whiz. He stated that lately their sales are not keeping up with their expenses. So this is sign that the days of paid link building is nearing an end. SEO consultants will have to work hard to write intriguing content and use other means such as social media to earn their visibility on the web. They will have to earn links they way Google intended. A site has to be relevant and offer site users a great experience. Developers will have to work on news ways perhaps by optimizing mobile sites and improving online interactions.

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