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SEO Pricing Plans

How much does Search Engine Optimization cost? Before we can answer that question we would like you to think about what a customer is worth on an annual basis. Then ask yourself, how much would it be worth to increase my sales by approx. 10% or more each month or year? How much would that grow my business? It is something to think about, but here is the scoop. Search Engine Optimization plans can run from as low as $850.00 per month up to several thousands per month depending on competitive factors, reach of campaign (local, large city, statewide or national) and the type of terms. Targeted geographical terms are much easier to rank for in comparison to general terms such as “perfume” or “cars” for example. The average small business usually chooses the $2200.00 per month campaign. However, we offer several plans depending on your type of business and budget. We will give you an honest recommendation and you choose what think would be best. If you are looking for a cost effective way to market and grow your business; email or call us today and we will send you details of our plans. Include your website and we will send you a free website analysis that will show how your site currently looks to search engines and some recommended improvements.

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We are proud to offer various levels of SEO Packages based on your needs and budget. Contract for most plans is 12 months with a cancellation clause after 6 months of service. However, work is done proportionately in our annual plans and early termination means that some portions of our programs will not have been completed. All Ongoing SEO Plans include Google Adwords Management without incurring additional management fees. Next choosing a program is easy as 1- 2 – 3.

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This is the initial SEO-Makeover of the site.

These elements are included in all of our SEO plans. This will be the work completed during the first 30 days of the campaign. After the SEO Launch is completed; then we will begin working on the ongoing monthly campaign deliverables.

  • Initial Keyword Research

  • Online Competitor Analysis

  • Site Strategic Planning

  • URL Structure Analysis

  • Page Titles, Meta-Descriptions, & H1 Analysis

  • Site Map Creation

  • Contact Form Analysis

  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Installation

  • Link Audit and Analysis

  • Backlink Analysis

  • Alt Tag Analysis

  • Check Site for WC3 Errors

  • Content Analysis


  • SEO is a slow and steady art that allows a business or organization that through hard work combined with time and strategic planning enables a website to have an opportunity to rank for valuable keywords and in-turn increasing targeted traffic to a website.
  • The following plans are budget conscious and offers affordable online marketing solutions. The plans are progressive. Meaning each plan includes all the features and elements of the previous or lower plans.
  • We do not limit the keywords to be targeted in the plan and focus on a wide net approach which generally generates consistent traffic.
  • We are dealing with third party search engines whose algorithms change often and cannot guarantee ranking for any specific keyword. However we do follow best practices and always deliver the work promised.


Jump Start Package

$1500Per Month
$1500Per Month
  • Ideal for Small Business
  • Low Cost – Huge Deliverables
  • Includes SEO, Blogging & Paid Media
  • Research, Assessment & Strategy:
    The first 30 to 60 days we will spend a lot of time on research and understanding your business. Plus a thorough technical assessment of your website & market reach. This includes an initial backlink audit.

    Competitive Assessments:
    We will examine & analyze your competitor’s strategy and marketing efforts to look for opportunities.

    Keyword Research & Onsite Optimization:
    Includes: Page, Meta-Description, H1, Alt Tags, and URL optimization up to 75 pages on your site.

    Structured Data:
    To give you additional edge; we will install structured data on all key pages of your site.

    Conversational Content:
    We will check to see what people are saying via voice search and add in some elements that gives your business a chance to get in on this new form of search.

    Monthly Newsletter / e-Blast:
    We can inform your current customers of specials, promotions and events that you are offering. Or perhaps be creative with an e-Blast targeting your email list of prospects.

    Local Citation Building:
    Get your business listed in local directories and use a service such as Moz Local to send the right signals to the search engines

    Paid and Earned Media:
    We will target some paid media sites such as StumbleUpon with a periodic ad buy. This traffic normally is sent to targeted blogs on your site

    Content Creation / Blogging:
    We will create between 15-20 pages of content annually including your choice of blogs, onsite pages, geo-targeted pages and guest blog post.

    Site Audit:
    We will do a thorough site audit annually and create a plan for fixing repairable issues.

    2 Premium Press Releases Annually:
    This will get your business in the news.

    Interactive Reporting Using Google Docs with Information Gathered from Google Webmaster and Analytics!

High Impact Digital Marketing

$2200Per Month
$2200Per Month
  • Ideal for Manufacturers & Healthcare
  • Get a Competitive Edge
  • Note: This plan includes
    the Previous Plan Features Plus:
  • Dedicated Project Manager:
    One of our key team members will help manage and streamline your project. Keeping you informed on the strategy and results.

    Technical SEO:
    Taking a deeper dive into coding and looking to uncover issues that may hinder SEO. Monthly ongoing site audit.

    Click-Through Optimization:
    Using Analytics and Search Console Data we will work on improving click-through rates for targeted pages in the site.

    Google Correlate:
    Looking through trends and researching other terms people make also search for when looking for your service or product.

    Advanced Convertibles:
    Planning and implementing dynamic forms or coupons to assist with conversion optimization If desired.

    Landing Page Creation / Testing:
    Up to 5 A/B landing page variations annually. This can be a game changer for Paid Traffic Conversions.

    Social Media Ad Management
    Creating and Managing Ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn if Desired

    PPC Management:
    Advanced management of Google Adwords and Bing AdSpend with optimization using Wordstream Search & Display (including Remarketing) We also will manage Google Shopping if desired. Call Tracking Included for Local Numbers: Twice Monthly Optimization Calls With Clients. Spend Limit by Client is $8000 monthly before an additional 7% management fee is applicable.

    Quarterly Backlink Audits:
    Analysis of backlinks coming to your site. Taking action if needed.

    Monthly Strategy Meetings:
    Online meeting to discuss the campaign, results and trends.

    Interactive Reporting Using Google Docs with Information Gathered from Google Webmaster and Analytics!

Add-Ons for Consideration

A La CartePricing
A La CartePricing
  • Newsletters or Email Blast:
    $150 each

    Advanced Programming:
    $95 Hourly

    Design Work:
    $75 Hourly

    Additional Press Release Credits:
    $200 each

    Additional Blog Articles:
    $75 each

    Additional Locations pages:
    $75 each

    Additional A/B Landing Pages:
    $200 each

    Social Media Postings:
    Normally $200 to $400 depending on project work and goals.

    Site Automation:
    Cost of software desired and $75 per hour.

    Additional Landing Pages:
    $200 each

    Link Building:
    To Be Quoted.

    Feedback on these add-ons will be added to normal reporting.

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