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Meet the ClickReady Team

You don’t need super powers to be a superhero… but they sure do come in handy. Every day the ClickReady team combines their unique collection of special abilities to perform amazing acts of digital marketing brilliance. Every hero learns their purpose when they are tested and called to greatness!

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Assembled and Ready!

Craig Lawson | SEO Strategy | PPC Strategy

Craig Lawson

Director of Strategy

Great Scott! SEO is his life.
I know… it’s sad. But as long as there are clients in need of strategic digital marketing and super-human acts of SEO power, he will be up.. up.. and on his way help!

Debbie Lawson | Digital marketing

Debbie Lawson

Operations Manager

Even Heroes Need a Hero.
In the ever evolving world of digital marketing and seo, it takes special powers to be able to coordinate everything and keep a team moving as one harmonious machine.

Michael Lawson | Technical SEO in Atlanta

Michael Lawson

Sr. Technical Specialist

He’s the Best at What he Does.
Every great team has “that guy” that always finds a way to get it done. Whether it’s helping clients safely navigate the scary digital universe or putting out fires.

Anton Sieber | Custom Design Web Sites

Anton Sieber

Creative Design

Holy Web Design, Anton!
From the shadows of the night, a dark force comes to fight the evils of bad design. Poor user interfaces and non-converting websites beware. There is nowhere to hide!

Jyl Gryder | SEO Account Manager

Jyl Gryder

Account Representative

Always on Target.
A champion for her clients, Jyl is always fighting to come up with solutions that get results! Creating digital strategies that work, her focus is sharp and her aim is always true.

Sarah Graves | Programmer

Sarah Graves


Goddess of All Digital.
Possessing powers far beyond that of a mere mortal, she destroys any PHP, digital interface, or programming obstacle that dares to stand up and challenger her!

Bonnie Weaver | Website Designer

Bonnie Weaver

Website Designer

Swooping in to Help.
Trained in the ancient ways of marketing communication, she saves the day by harnessing  the mystic powers of an ultra keen eye and a logically thinking mind.

Dane Valle | eCommerce Specialist

Dane Valle

eCommerce Specialist

Reality Warping Speed.
Are you in need of a custom e-commerce solution? Dane can make it happen fast! In the time it took you to read this, he just ran a 5k and learned to juggle.

The Agents of ClickReady

PR and Social Media

Heather H Dundon

PR and Social Media Star

Social Media Specialist

Britney Lane

Social Media Specialist

SEO Optimized Content Writer

Michael Nozick

Content King

Social Media Specialist

Jan Slagell

Sr. Social Media  Specialist

Blog Writer

Mason Hoover

The Blogger

Content Writer

Emily Ryan

Creative Content Writer

Niche Writer

Allie Dean

Niche Writer

SEO Intern

Cara Lawson


SEO Special Projects

Christa Sieber

Special Projects

Not sure yet

New Guy

Not Quite Sure Yet…

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