Three words for marketing success: “Three-ISM”

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Marketing 101 would instruct businesses to learn who they are and how they wish to appeal to their targeted audience. With this in mind; we have always found it to be helpful to ask a business to provide three words that best describe their business prior to us designing a new website or launching an online marketing plan. We call this approach “three-ism” marketing.

Using the three-ism approach with our new clients has led to serious discussions within organizations as they try to choose these three words. This allows them to really think about who they are as a business and decide in essence what makes them different. First this is a great exercise for a company to really think about their messaging and brand identity.

As an internet marketing agency we then use these three words in designing their site from a graphical and a content nature. These words enable us to stay focus on how the business needs to be portrayed. Most importantly “three-ism” helps us to create the brand identity and messaging an organization needs to set themselves apart online.

If you are reading this article; what three words would you use to describe your business? Then I would ask, does your current web strategy portray these three words? What three words would your clients most likely use in describing your business? If a new prospect found your website and viewed your products and service offering for the first time, what three words would he or she use to describe your business? Approaching your business in this manner allows one to more clearly see and set goals for not only their online marketing but perhaps even more importantly how to handle daily interactions with current and new clientele. So choose your three words wisely!

First impressions make a huge difference. If your website is not conveying three-ism; perhaps a re-design is necessary. Is your content on the site reinforcing your three words identifiers? Your content may need to be redone to provide a consistent message.

Have a meeting with key people in your organization. Determine your three words. Spend some time on this. Then look at your web presence. Does your website and social media platforms create the right impression? Ask a few people who are not familiar with your business to look at your website and some of your social media sites. Ask them using what they see to describe your business in three words. This information is vital to executing a proper three-ism marketing campaign.

Preparing your mission statement with three-ism in mind; helps keep your business focused. Using the “three-ism” technique with your sales and marketing literature further enhances your messaging and success by our measure. These three words can be the difference in your marketing success.

Here is an exercise:

  1. Choose three words that you feel best describe your business.
  2. Write three facts or reasons about each of these words and explain why you choose them.
  3. What three words would someone that just found your website or one of your social media pages use to describe your business?
  4. What implementations do you feel could be done to improve your messaging and brand identity?
  5. How important do you feel that communicating a focused brand message is to your business success?
  6. How could you use content, graphical art and pictures to improve your brand identity?
  7. Do you a pathway for using social media to promote your brand identity and messaging?
  8. Do you feel using the three-ism marketing theology will impact your messaging and overall your brand success?

Please email us at and let me know how using three-ism helped your business!

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