Tooting Your Own Horn

Tooting Your Own Horn is a figure of speech that leaves connotations of boasting which are sometimes socially unacceptable. However, with marketing it is important to toot your own horn just to SEO Infographiclet clients know that your are a trusted and worthy business that deserves their attention.

We live in an era when it’s very easy for customers to share what they know about your business through blogs, social media, news releases, and more.  Word spreads fast on the internet, so it’s important to keep your business reputation as clean as possible.  Have you ever noticed that when good things happen very little news gets out about it?  People are quicker to post negative information than they do positive comments. Even the mainstream news media is quick to report the bad news. Getting people to share the positive is more challenging. So, when a customer has a positive experience it’s always important to encourage them to let the world know what they think about your services and business.

When marketing your business, we must take the care and time to accentuate the positive: Toot your own horn about your services, business accomplishments, customer service. Find creative ways to get your clients to express their satisfaction with your services. If you don’t ask, then chances are you won’t get anything.

Ways To Get Positive News From Your Customers

  • Ask your customers to post their positive experience as a comment on your social media pages.
  • Encourage them to write a letter or send an email about their experience with permission to post their views in a blog.
  • Post legitimate customer commentary on your website.
  • When a poor experience occurs, quickly find a resolution and get immediate feedback.
  • Make it easy to post a feedback button on your website.
  • Respond to all comments whether positive or negative.
  • Generate conversation on Social Media by asking questions that encourage response.

These are just a few suggestions to boost the input you get. ClickReady Marketing can help with your online reputation.  Contact us or give us a call today to find out how we can help.

By the way, here’s a post on recommending our services.  We think these are the best kinds of recommendations because you don’t even have to ask for them!  

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