Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Driving traffic is essential to monetizing your website, but it is only one factor that you need to focus on. You can receive hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, but they won’t help you if they never make a purchase. Improving your conversion rates should be one of your top priorities.

Tips for Improving Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimization is both an art and a science. You need to monitor user behavior and continually make changes to meet your sales goals. Here are some things that you can do to boost conversion rates:

  1. Test different browsers. Many website owners only optimize their site for Internet Explorer, since it is still the most popular browser. However, studies from Shareaholic, Net Call to Action ButtonApplications and other companies show that at least 20% of Internet users prefer other browsers. You will need to make sure that your website is well optimized for them.
  2. Add social proof. People are often hesitant about buying products and services on the Internet. You can overcome their skepticism by showing social proof. WikiJob increased conversion rates by 34% by adding testimonials to their home page.
  3. Use action oriented headlines. You should have a strong call-to-action in your headline. One site nearly doubled its conversions by adding a more compelling, action-oriented headline.
  4. List organizational memberships. You should mention any professional organizations or honorable mentions that will enhance your credibility. You can increase your sales by showing the Better Business Bureau Seal, professional trade organizations and proof that you are a verified ecommerce merchant.
  5. Use real images. Adding images to your landing page can help improve the user experience and increase conversion rates. You should choose images of yourself, employees, business or the products that you are selling. Stock photo images don’t look genuine and are unlikely to improve your conversion rates.
  6. Add videos. Adding videos to your landing pages can be a great way to maximize conversion rates. A study from Eyeview Digital found that adding videos to landing pages can boost conversion rates up to 80%. Icefold.com found that using videos increased conversion rates 400%.
  7. Focus on brevity. The average Internet user tends to be impatient. You only have a couple of seconds to grab their attention, which means that you need to keep your copy as concise as possible. Landing page optimization expert Tim Ash said that pages with 200 words of copy or less tend to convert the best. There are exceptions, but you should avoid stuffing your landing pages with unnecessary filler content.
  8. Provide guarantees. Adding a money back guarantee will encourage more customers to try your product. One company found that 80% of the customers that began an order never completed a purchase. They were able to reduce that figure to 54% by adding a guarantee.
  9. Provide clear contact information. Customers will be more comfortable purchasing products from companies that share their contact information with them.
  10. Change your button. The size, color and style of your button all significantly affect your conversion rates. Some companies have been known to increase conversion rates as much as 32% by changing the button color. It is important to test different buttons, because they have a significant impact.
  11. Reduce the number of fields in forms. Using signup forms with a number of fields can kill your conversion rates, because people don’t want to take a lot of unnecessary steps. Try to simplify your forms by removing some of the unnecessary fields. The Vendio Store increased its conversion rates 60% by removing its form altogether. If you do need to keep your signup form, then you should keep the information to a bare minimum. Asking your customers for their name and email address should suffice.
  12. Clarify Pricing. Some marketers fear that listing the price will turn visitors away. However, the data appears to show the opposite. Many companies have found that adding pricing information to the landing page helped double their conversion rates. Using larger copy to draw attention to the product can also increase conversions.
  13. Focus on one conversion goal. Some people try to accomplish too many things with their landing pages. They may try to get people to subscribe to the email list, purchase a product or share feedback about the site. You will improve your conversion rates by focusing on a single goal on each landing page. The Weather Channel increased its conversion rates by 225% by choosing a single conversion goal.
  14. Place call-to-actions strategically. You will need to place the call-to-action on your site carefully. People read from left-to-right, so placing the CTA on the left side of the page tends to result in higher conversion rates. You may also want to ignore conventional wisdom that CTAs should be placed above the fold. Studies from MarketingExperiments and Content Verve found that placing the CTA on the bottom of the page increased conversion rates by 20% and 304% respectively.
  15. . Improve navigation. Ease of navigation is essential to the user experience. Adding an easy to use navigation bar has been shown to improve conversion rates. Make sure that the navigation menu is as easy to use as possible. One study found that moving it to the left side of the page increased conversion rates by over 30%.

Increasing conversion rates can be tricky, because there are so many factors that influence them. You will need to conduct A/B testing to see how different layouts impact them. The time that you invest will be well spent, because it will increase your sales considerably down the road.

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