Website Engineering

The site architecture is important for achieving high keyword rankings. We analyze a site’s basic design and its user friendly score. Then we proceed to review meta descriptions, page titles, heading text, and anchor slugs. Site’s should be designed with the goal of ranking for key terms and to increase conversions.

By deep drilling for keyword data and understanding search behavior, we have a direction that reveals opportunities. Next we use this data and begin the optimizing process. There’s usually quite a lot of work to do during this stage to get your site “ClickReady”.

We then proceed to label images, or as many refer to, the process of alt tags. Search engines currently have a difficult time understanding the meaning of pictures or images on a site. We make it easy for them and add keyword phrases to make the site more SEO friendly.

Then we do not want to overlook pretty urls. Making your urls pretty reinforces to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other notables that they understand the relevancy of your site’s importance to targeted keywords.

There are many other factors such as load speed, internal linking structure, sitemaps, and of course page content. Content is king and must be properly written to achieve proper results. Some website designs such as those in Joomla 1.0 or in all flash can prevent search engines from knowing about your site except the words contained in the domain name.

It is also recommended to always add a privacy policy if you are going to gather any information about site visitors to your website. We also recommend adding blogs to your website. This will allow timely articles to be posted about your business or organization.

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